Slide Our Story We share a vision of a healthier and more sustainable food ecosystem through farmer-entrepreneurship initiative, delivering the benchmark quality from the farm to your door. Happy farm and farmer for the sustainable Happy farming family Akshayakalpa organic milk pack Happy organic dairy farmer Organic farmer graphic Glass of fresh cow milk Organic grass graphic
Akshayakalpa Organic Milk and Milk products are certified organic as per the guidelines of APEDA (Agricultural and Processed Food Product Export Development Authority) and by Jaivik Bharat.

Quality and Freshness from the farm to your door

Automated milking mimics calf's suction for efficient, gentle extraction. Akshayakalpa's innovative dairy approach


The milking is done hygienically using milking machines that imitate the sucking of a calf.
Hygienically packed Akshayakalpa milk in sterilized pouches & glass bottles, quality assured through tests

Hygienic Packaging

The milk is packed in pouches and glass bottles and quality of milk is tasted regularly.
Akshayakalpa Chilled milk at 4°C halts bacteria, preserving nutrients.

Spot Cooling

The milk is chilled at 4 degree centigrade immediately after milking to prevent bacterial growth.
Akshayakalpa Fresh milk is delivered in refrigerated trucks for quality from start to doorstep.

Continuous Cold Chain Vehicles

The milk is moved from processing plant to your door step in hygienic tankers and continuous cold chain vehicles.