Weekend Farm Visit In Bangalore

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Good Food Movement

Discover the origins of your food and follow the journey of your glass of milk!

Spread over 24 lush acres, the Akshayakalpa Organic farm is the perfect opportunity for you to rediscover your roots and learn the nuances of organic farming- all while relaxing in the lap of nature! 

Located in Tiptur, our farm is home to a variety of fruits, vegetables and birds and is bristling with vitality at its fullest. Visit us for a fully immersive, behind-the-scenes showcase of the workings of an organic, self-sustaining farm and experience ‘fresh’ in the truest sense of the word. 

It is here the story of the purity of our milk begins and we would love to share that with you! 

Here's what you can enjoy at our Farms

Build a bond with food like never before and rediscover it’s true origins through the ‘Good Food Movement’. Teach your little ones that milk and vegetables don’t come from the supermarket and that nutrition is deeply rooted in healthy soil. Harvest the freshest vegetables from our food forest, learn the traditional art of slow-cooking over woodfire and feast on hearty organic meals.  
A father and son with freshly harvested carrot from Akshayakalpa organic farm
People doing in harvest while in Akshayakalpa farm visit
Be an Akshayakalpa farmer for a day and have a hands-on experience of farming life. From feeding the cows fodder to witnessing the milking process, trace the journey your glass of milk makes before reaching your doorstep.  
Be an Akshayakalpa farmer for a day and have a hands-on experience of farming life. From feeding the cows fodder to witnessing the milking process, trace the journey your glass of milk makes before reaching your doorstep.  
Kids interacting with cows at Akshayakalpa farm
Tents Stay in Akshayakalpa Farm
Breathe in the fresh air and take in the aromas of life thriving all around you.
Test your aim with archery, battle it out with your loved ones in other village games or hop aboard a fun-filled bullock cart ride. Our farm has something for everyone – young ones and the young at heart!  
Ride on bullock cart at Akshayakalpa farm visit
Organic food made with farm grown ingredients
Taste the difference with a delicious traditional lunch – made with organic produce – and learn the nuances of true organic farming.
As a part of this guided tour, our farm manager will be happy to answer all your questions and tell you inspiring tales about day-to-day farming life over a scrumptious dinner and crackling bonfire, while you gaze at the stars in a clear, pollution-free sky. 
Farm visitors interacting with Shashi, Akshayakalpa co-founder
People enjoy a ride on bullock cart at Akshayakalpa farm visit
For a truly wholesome farm experience, look no further than our Akshayakalpa Organic farm. Book your visit today, come be a part of our Akshayakalpa family and enjoy the goodness of what nature has to offer!

The Organic Circuit

It’s time to take the road less travelled!

Embark on a cycling and running adventure like never before with Akshayakalpa’s Organic Circuit! An escapade spread over 60 kilometers, this one-of-a-kind tour gives you a chance to appreciate the picturesque landscapes of Tiptur in rural Karnataka while allowing you to take a break from everyday city-life.

With an aim to acquaint you with the source of your food, this initiative allows you to see for yourself how your food is grown and harvested – so you can build an ever-lasting bond with what’s on your plate.

Here’s what’s in store:

  • A scenic route lined by coconut trees, running alongside natural canals and beautiful, tranquil lakes allowing you to reconnect with nature in the truest sense. Breathe in the fresh, pollution-free air and revel in the thrill of open roads as you indulge your passion for cycling or running.
  • Pit-stops at our organic farms provide the perfect landscape for a refreshing break. Relax in the warm hospitality of our farmers and get an insight into organic farming and the significance of good food.
  • Treat your tastebuds to delicious buttermilk or sip on tea made with farm-fresh organic milk. Enjoy wholesome organic meals crafted with organic vegetables grown on chemical-free soils and seasoned to perfection with organic spices
  • Explore the biodiversity on our farms. Catch a glimpse of exotic birds and meet our honeybees. Discover the secrets of nature during our farm walks and gaze up at the stars in a pollution-free sky at our overnight tent stay
  • Meet our organic farmers – the hands behind your nutrition. Satiate your curiosity about where your food comes from and get all your queries answered by the subject experts.

This experience is perfect for cyclists and runners of all levels, from beginners to those with experience. Bring along your family for a fun-filled day with traditional village games, firewood baking, composting and other interactive activities and set course for a truly memorable weekend.

Disclaimer: A visit to the Akshayakalpa farm is an educational, interactive and memorable getaway for the entire family! 

Points to note:

We follow strict COVID safety protocols and norms at our farms

  • Travel: We do not provide transport to and from the farm. The driving distance is approximately 150kms from Bangalore city which usually takes about three and a half hours to cover.
  • Timing: The farm visit timings are 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Please plan your visit accordingly.
  • Tent stay: We offer you the option for an overnight stay in our all-weather tents within our premises. Please let us know in advance to allow for appropriate preparations. Our amenities include washroom facilities, pillows, bed sheets, blankets, and first–aid kits.
  • Food: Organic produce from our farms is used to prepare simple yet delicious food for you and your family during the course of your stay.
  • Respect: Please keep the premises clean, no littering, dispose waste in appropriate bins, and avoid single-use plastic items. Smoking and drinking are strictly prohibited within the premises.

Tour Guidelines:

1. Covid safety protocol is mandatory- Please wear a mask, socially distance yourself and sanitize at all times.

2. Please adhere to the guide’s instructions and do cooperate with the team on ground, throughout the tour.

3. Please wear the visitors’ ID card at all times.

4. Please dispose waste into the specific disposal bins and avoid carrying single-use plastic items inside the premises.

5. Smoking and drinking is strictly prohibited in and around the premises.

6. Actions that involve littering, spitting, and harming the animals will not be tolerated.

7. We strongly recommend wearing casual and comfortable clothes for the tour.

8. Please take care of your personal belongings and do not leave anything unattended during the visit. Akshayakalpa will not be responsible for the loss or damage of any personal items.

9. Please note the following schedule for food-

  • DAY 1- lunch, snacks and dinner is inclusive. * No breakfast
  • DAY 2- breakfast, snacks, lunch is inclusive. * No dinner


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