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Akshayakalpa Organic's Sustainability Initiatives

We Are Because A Farmer Is!

At the heart of Askayakalpa Organic is our community of rural farmers. Our initiatives are designed to keep their needs and interests in mind, to help them create a stream of stable and sufficient income for their families. Our Farm Extension team empowers farmers with resources – technological, mechanical, financial, and academic – which allows them to prioritize the quality of milk and health of their cows. A happy farmer leads to happy cows which leads to clean and safe milk for our consumers.

Farmers taking care of the cow
Man caring for calf

This farmer-first partnership brings with it some astounding results:

  1. We have harnessed the power of communities to build role model farmers. They have in turn motivated tens of farmers in their villages to adopt methods of clean farming
  2. Our innovative model allows for farmers to earn substantial and stable incomes. On average a farmer earns Rs. 1 lakh per month, bringing aspiration back to the farming vocation
  3. We have strict policies that farmers and their families have to adhere to as a part of their partnership with us. This pans from passing hygiene and quality checks to a strict no alcohol policy. The focus of the initiatives is wealth generation for the farmers and these policies are conducive to that.
  4. We settle farmer payments on a daily basis, giving them a fixed source of daily income unlike the instability of any other crop they grow. This is one of our founding visions and we are proud to be able to do it every single day.
Farmer's Nagaveni & Rangegowda: from 5 to 20 cows, 50 to 140 liters/day, transforming income with Akshayakalpa support.

The Family farming business

The farmer was a defaulter, although he was repaying the loan to bank. There was a loan waiver scheme announced by the government, but for some reason, other farmer’s loan got cleared his family’s loan did not.

Nagaveni and Rangegowda started with 5 cows and were producing 50 litres/ day, Whatever the family earned in the farm they started investing back slowly. With the support of Akshayakalpa, today they have 20 cows and are producing on an average 140 Litres/ day, adding a tremendous increase in their overall gross income.

Dairy and Coconuts: Dual Income

For Prasanna Kumar three years ago, there was no yield of coconuts at all and the farmer was hardly growing any fodder. All 120 coconut trees were dying due to lack of water and proper manure.

Today we see coconut trees full of bunches which could yield at least 10,000 coconuts this year and also farm full of fodder and fodder trees. The farmer, with help from Akshayakalpa, is pumping slurry to the entire farm that gives enough manure to keep the fodder trees and coconut trees smiling throughout the year. On top of that, the farmer is producing over 150 liters of healthy milk on daily basis.

Akshayakalpa transforms Prasanna Kumar's farm, yielding 10k coconuts, abundant fodder, and 150L daily healthy milk.

Waste not, want not!

Passionate about planet, Akshayakalpa fosters self-reliant farmers using sustainable tech for safe, wholesome organic food

Invest in a Sustainable Future

At Akshayakalpa, we’re passionate about the planet and we practice organic production to work with the environment and maintain the balance of the ecosystem.
As a farmer-entrepreneurship initiative, we focus on making the farmers self reliant and use state of the art technology systems and processes to produce safe and wholesome food for the customers using sustainable practices.

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