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  • Untouched by human hand Automation at farm level ensures quality milk production and chilled to 4°C immediately after milking.

  • Antibiotic & Hormone Free Our cows are fed with home-grown grass diet. They aren't injected with hormones or antibiotics to boost production.

  • From healthy cowsInstead of being tethered, cows freely roam around just like nature intended them to.

  • Innovation & AutomationThe state of the art milking systems milk up to 25 cows within 1.5 hours. Sensors record the cow’s body temperature, quality of milk and infections if any.

  • Chemical-free soilWe ensure that no chemicals or GMO seeds make it to our cattle’s fodder.

  • Organic fodderAll the farms grow their own feed and fodder.

  • Self-sufficientAll the farms are self-sufficient in water, food and power supply, this makes them truly sustainable.

  • No WasteThe slurry left from biogas is re-used as manure through a biodigester system.

  • Power productionCow dung based biogas generating systems produce the electricity for the milking systems and equipment.


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The saga of food and farming dates back to 9th millennium when the humans developed the farming equation. With a new and perpetual source of livelihood, there was no need to migrate. People started to settle, cities were built, and art began to flourish. Somewhere along the way, besides the cultivation of food for humans, farming began to cultivate civilization in humans. The subsequent high praise and reverence showered for the noble work stationed the farmers in the highest of the social strata, substantially in Tamil Nadu. Be that as it may, the progress in the field was never at halt. The distinctive fivefold classification of the fertile land and the high praise sung about in the great classics, with no doubt stands as an intangible exemplar of the luxuriant farming practices in Tamil Nadu.

However, a small peep through my apartment window in Chennai makes me skeptic! The echoes of nature began to fade amidst the loud noises of industrialization in farming. Under the pretense of development, agriculture took a turn for worse. Irony strikes hard as the chemicals and pesticides incorporated, premised entirely upon the desire to aid the produce, ends up poisoning it. Worse yet, the economic non-viability in agriculture either shove farmers away from farming or resort to means like chemical fertilizers and pesticides ensuing poor-quality food for the consumer.

We, at Akshayakalpa, aim to identify the young farmers who gave up their farming operations due to economic non-viability and aid them with bank linkages, farmers outreach and technical services and access to markets. Akshayakalpa holds the farmer's hand in the journey to quality farming while ensuring economic sustenance. Further, as the first Certified Organic Milk Brand in India, we strive to achieve excellence in producing milk and milk products free of antibiotics and growth hormones. Get your hands on our products at the nearby retail store or place your order on the Akshayakalpa App. With our fine products and services, lead the finest life possible!

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