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We share a vision of a healthier and more sustainable food ecosystem through farmer-entrepreneurship initiative. Everything we do is a collaboration toward that goal. akshayakalpa-farm1 Happy farming family Organic farmer graphic

Benchmark Quality from the Crop to Cup

We consider our impact on the environment every step of the way, that’s why we work with self-sustainable farms. Our farmers work to maintain biodiversity on their farms, decrease waste by following closed-loop soil management system that gives back to nature and also ensures quality organic produce.

The Team

The idea of young people being trained to take up agriculture/farming as a vocation of choice was transformed into idea of rural entrepreneurship model under Akshayakalpa. We train and monitor farmers for 12-18 months on organic farming, ensuring healthy production practices.
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years of service

Journey of Akshayakalpa

– 480 farmers
– 40k customers

– 350 farmers
– 32k customers
– New Product: A2 Ghee

– 300 farmers
– 25k customers
– New Products:
Set Curd
A2 Milk

– 250 farmers
– 20k customers
– New Product Cheese

– 200 farmers
– 15k customers
– Mandya Farmers Award

– 150 farmers
– 12k customers
– New Product: Slim Milk & Paneer

– 100 farmers
– 7000 customers
– New Product: Butter

– New Product: Ghee
– 55 farmers
– 4000 customers

– 480 farmers
– 40k customers

– Ashoka Award
– 55 customers

– Started with 3 farmers
– Milk (Raw)
– ISB award

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