Slide Company We share a vision of a healthier and more sustainable food ecosystem through farmer-entrepreneurship initiative. Everything we do is a collaboration toward that goal. akshayakalpa-farm1

Benchmark Quality from the Crop to Cup

We consider our impact on the environment every step of the way, that’s why we work with self-sustainable farms. Our farmers work to maintain biodiversity on their farms, decrease waste by following closed-loop soil management system that gives back to nature and also ensures quality organic produce.

The Team

The idea of young people being trained to take up agriculture/farming as a vocation of choice was transformed into idea of rural entrepreneurship model under Akshayakalpa. We train and monitor farmers for 12-18 months on organic farming, ensuring healthy production practices.






skilled people


years of service

Journey of Akshayakalpa

– 480 farmers
– 40k customers

– 350 farmers
– 32k customers
– New Product: A2 Ghee

– 300 farmers
– 25k customers
– New Products:
Set Curd
A2 Milk

– 250 farmers
– 20k customers
– New Product Cheese

– 200 farmers
– 15k customers
– Mandya Farmers Award

– 150 farmers
– 12k customers
– New Product: Slim Milk & Paneer

– 100 farmers
– 7000 customers
– New Product: Butter

– New Product: Ghee
– 55 farmers
– 4000 customers

– 480 farmers
– 40k customers

– Ashoka Award
– 55 customers

– Started with 3 farmers
– Milk (Raw)
– ISB award

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