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With Akshayakalpa Organic fruits and vegetables, enjoy produce grown by nature! Cultivated on chemical-free, organic farms following strict organic farming practices, these fruits and vegetables are grown using non-GMO seeds and without the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers – keeping these harmful residues out of your diet.

True to Akshayakalpa’s promise of freshness and chemical-free foods, all vegetables and fruits are naturally-ripened, without the use of carbides and delivered soon after harvesting. The origin of every batch of vegetables and fruits can be traced back to small farms where they are carefully grown.
The key to the most nutritionally-balanced produce lies in the soil it is grown on. Besides adding almost 65000kg of organic compost to the soil every year, sustainable practices like crop rotation and cover crops ensure the soil is revitalized and rejuvenated naturally.

The organic vegetables and fruits are evaluated on a variety of quality parameters before reaching our patrons. Regular, meticulous tests ensure the heavy metal content is within the permissible limit, while the soil is tested for adequate presence of minerals and organic matter in laboratories in USA.

Akshayakalpa fruits and vegetables are good not just for patrons but the farmers and the planet too! They are packaged and delivered in eco-friendly packaging that helps reduce plastic waste at the source. Furthermore, these fruits and vegetables provide an axillary source of income to farmer families that help support rural farmer communities.

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