Take back the milk pack with Akshayakalpa Organic Milk

Let’s give back
the milk pack

You can make a difference.
Let’s do some good. Together.

Recycle Akshayakalpa packs for a sustainable future. Protect our planet, wildlife, and children from packaging waste.

Do you know that the milk pack that you drop into your dustbin never gets destroyed? Every day, millions of milk packs go into our landfills, which then stay in our soil, drains, lakes, and rivers forever. Some of them even end up in the stomachs of cows and other animals, causing them serious harm.

So, let’s break this cycle. Let’s promise to give back the used Akshayakalpa packs (of milk and other products) to our milk delivery partner, and they will get recycled and converted into something useful.

Link is not working is committed to practices that are good for our environment and society. Akshayakalpa Organic Milk is now also available in a 100% recyclable carton pack at leading retail counters. This pack is not only eco-friendly but also provides convenient on-the-go nutrition, and it preserves the freshness of the milk for 5 days.

What we do

Take back the milk pack with Akshayakalpa Organic Milk

Our delivery partner retrieves the empty packs from you and takes them to the Experience the richness of organic, desi, and A2 cow milk with Akshayakalpa—a blend of purity for your nourishment. collection yard. Our recycling partners compress this plastic waste into granules at high temperatures, which then get reused to make various other products.

Support recycling.
Support us.

Take back the milk pack with Akshayakalpa Organic Milk
Swap milk for Akshayakalpa Organic. Join recycling! Choose desi cow milk & A2 Cow milk for pure, nutritious, organic dairy.
Want to give back the milk pack and join the Recycling revolution?

It’s simple, switch to Akshayakalpa Organic Milk, and join our recycling program. Not only will you help reduce plastic waste, but will also be able to give your family pure, nutritious, organic milk, and other dairy products.


Take back the milk pack with Akshayakalpa Organic Milk

Discarded milk packs have an adverse effect on our environment, and our children’s future. But a lot of good comes out of recycling plastic packs. Our recycling partners segregate different kinds of plastic waste and recycle them into granules, which are used as raw material to make new products.

The plastic recycling industry provides livelihood to thousands of people who make and sell beautiful recycled products.

Akshayakalpa's school program teaches kids plastic recycling, fostering eco-conscious students for a better world.

It is important to teach our children about plastic recycling.

’s give back your milk pack program extends an invitation to schools to participate in this revolution. Students can learn about the harmful effects of plastic pollution, and take a step forward in becoming model citizens. As the creators of a better world, educational institutions like yours can join us in doing some good. Together.

Take back
the milk pack.

Take back the milk pack with Akshayakalpa Organic Milk
Hello Nandini, Heritage, and
other dairy producer friends.
Join our Recycling Revolution.

It is the collective responsibility of the dairy industry to reduce the waste caused by empty milk packs.

Join in this mission, and take back the milk packs from your customers.


'Give back your milk pack' is a part of Organic’s larger program to make the world a better place.

Give back your milk pack’ by Akshayakalpa Organic supports SAFE, ORGANIC FOOD PRODUCTION for a better world.
Akshayakalpa fuels change: 'Give Back Your Milk Pack' advocates 'Plant More Trees' for a greener future.
Supporting women empowerment in rural India, 'Give back your milk pack' is Akshayakalpa Organic's step for a better world
Through 'Give Back Your Milk Pack,' Akshayakalpa Organic supports rural India's arts, crafts, fostering a better world