• Untouched by human hand Automation at farm level ensures quality milk production and chilled to 4°C immediately after milking.

  • Antibiotic & Hormone Free Our cows are fed with home-grown grass diet. They aren't injected with hormones or antibiotics to boost production.

  • From healthy cowsInstead of being tethered, cows freely roam around just like nature intended them to.

  • Innovation & AutomationThe state of the art milking systems milk up to 25 cows within 1.5 hours. Sensors record the cow’s body temperature, quality of milk and infections if any.

  • Chemical-free soilWe ensure that no chemicals or GMO seeds make it to our cattle’s fodder.

  • Organic fodderAll the farms grow their own feed and fodder.

  • Self-sufficientAll the farms are self-sufficient in water, food and power supply, this makes them truly sustainable.

  • No WasteThe slurry left from biogas is re-used as manure through a biodigester system.

  • Power productionCow dung based biogas generating systems produce the electricity for the milking systems and equipment.

About Us

What is Akshayakalpa?
Literally it is – Akshaya (Infinite) and Kalpa (Imaginations) – translating to Unlimited Possibilities. We are a farmer entrepreneurship initiative where young farmers who gave up farming due to financial reasons are groomed and supported to set up profitable dairy farms.

Our Philosophy
We believe true wealth creation is only possible in agriculture. It is the need of the hour to economically strengthen our farmers. All our systems and processes aim to help farmers produce safe and wholesome milk and milk products in a sustainable manner.

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