Why is A2 milk costlier?

Why is A2 milk costlier?

While there isn’t a price one can put on the health of their loved ones, some foods do cost more than others.  

A2 milk that has a high concentration of beta-casein proteins A2 is one such commodity.  

However, the price of this milk is often higher than regular milk due to a disparity in its demand and supply.  

The quantity of milk produced by desi cows is often lesser, while the cost of resources – feed, well-being etc – remains the same, thus making the cost of A2 milk higher than regular milk.  

To get the full benefits of any milk, it is important to check its source. At Akshayakalpa Organic, cows feed on organic fodder grown on chemical-free farms, ensuring the milk is full of naturally-occurring nutrition without any residues of chemicals or synthetic additives.  

Akshayakalpa Organic milk is a safe and pure way to add the goodness of dairy proteins to your family’s daily diet.