The Inconvenient Choice 2

The Inconvenient Choice 2

When you think of yoghurts what does your palate crave?

A study shows that most people indulge in decadent yoghurt flavours and consider it a healthy snack! Yoghurts have been in the picture for centuries now, and from the time of inception to today, they have been consumed as a healthy go-to option when one felt a little peckish. But what is astonishing is inspite of yoghurt today not being what it was centuries back, it continues to maintain the same reputation.

If you look at yoghurts as a go-to option to satisfy your sweet cravings, you have probably never tasted a real yoghurt before. Real yoghurts are naturally airy, light and slightly tart.

So, when we thought of launching yoghurts, we had a choice to make – do we stay true to the concept of real yoghurt, do we match the market in taste, or do we find a mid-ground?

Inconvenient Choice 2 – Letting yoghurt be!

When Alexander and his troop went from one place to another, they had to find a way to ensure they secured nutrition from milk for longer. Yoghurt came about as a solution to this. This helped him and his men to stay nourished through months of travel. Our takeaway- we focused on nourishment without compromising on taste and took the road less travelled.

Cravings are driven by your brain’s need for a “reward” — not your body’s need for food. Although sweet desires appear to be uncontrollable, strong willpower may readily suppress them. Your sweet tooth yearning will significantly decrease if you go 15 – 30 days without consuming any sugar. To reduce their sugar intake, people train their palate to eat healthily and live healthy, in fact after people train their palate, they don’t find anything that has excessive sugar tasty or even satisfying.

Here’s letting you in on a little secret!

Our yoghurts are sweet too.

The hint of sweetness in our yoghurts comes due to a magical procedure our team of researchers follow. In a secured environment, organic curd is strained at 4 degrees centigrade. Two strains of bacteria that break down the lactase enzyme become inactive and hence retaining the mild sweetness of milk in the yoghurt. This indigenous process gives a natural sweet taste to our organic range of yoghurts.

Our mango yoghurt is sweetened with a hint of honey, just enough to enhance the flavours of mango and yoghurt.

If you ask us whose hearts have we won with our yoghurts?
We have sampled over 25000 consumers in the last 9 months and CHILDREN love how the yoghurt tastes the most. We were as amazed as you. In a world filled with candies and bars, kids sat at our farm and relished on scoops of unsweetened or mildly sweetened yoghurts!

We have made an inconvenient choice by skipping the sugar and any kind of artificial sweetener in our range of organic yoghurts in the hope of training palate to choose healthier.

What inconvenient choice have you made for a better you in the recent past?