The Inconvenient Choice 1

The Inconvenient Choice 1

Two roads diverged in the wood.

And we took the one that is less travelled by,

And that has made all the difference!

Destiny is no matter of chance. It is a matter of choice. Where you are today is a direct impact of the choices you’ve been making over the years. Just like you had to make your choices to reach where you are today, the journey of launching India’s first organic yoghurts also had to go through diligent efforts and quite a few inconvenient choices. These choices, at the beginning seemed difficult, each seeming like a roadblock towards the launch of a product very dear to all of us. Saying NO to many things took us farther and farther away from our launch date.  But, we looked to our founding principles for guidance – whatever we do, we will do in harmony with nature and we knew the path to choose.

Presenting THE INCONVENIENT CHOICE, a series which reflects the choices we took in the creation of yoghurt while making the planet and our customers health our main business.

The courage to say ‘NO’ to Convenience:

The convenient choice is not necessarily the right one.

#InconvinientChoice1 – The packaging

As a farmer-first company, we are strongly connected to the environment, so it bothers us to see landfills overflowing with plastic. In 2019, with the first round of funding, Akshayakalpa invested in the paperboard machine – a machine that would help cut out a large amount of plastic waste that we were generating. No one till then had launched milk in a paperboard pack in India but globally, many organic brands had moved towards this sustainable option.

This choice came with its hurdles, the exorbitant price being the first one. For a company that was still finding its footing, investing 1.5cr on a packaging machine raised a lot of questions. “Why cant we launch yoghurts in plastic cups? most players are selling them in cups? It is definitely more cost effective, what is the big deal were some of the questions”.

After countless iteration and design thinking sessions, we were confident of the inconvenient but perfect choice we made. It took us a good 9 long months to crack the packaging design style and finally come up with a never seen before authentic eco-friendly paperboard yoghurt packaging. Our yoghurts have unique opening styles and come in two different flavors, natural and mango. So go ahead and give it a try. Once you are done eating, rinse the paperboard cups and give them back to us and we will use the paper to make diaries which you can purchase from our app very soon 😊

Today, on the eve of the launch of yoghurt, we are nothing but overwhelmed, in a good way to see these cute little packs with possibly the healthiest yoghurt in the country in the most eco-friendly packaging available in the hands of our customers.

Do you have the courage to say NO to convenience and take the lesser travelled road for our planet?