Slow food for the Soul

Slow food for the Soul

We’re hustling, we’re bustling and every day is a raging war against the ‘to-do’ list for most of us. Then its but normal that our focus is often on filling our tummies with quick, convenient food-on-the-go rather than focus on what we’re eating and how its cooked.

The result? A diet that relies heavily on processed food and is deficient in the nutrients our body needs to thrive.

To counter the mass prevalence of fast-food (read: easy-to-eat, easy-to-buy and relatively cheap food), Carlo Petrini started the ‘Slow Food Movement’ in Italy in the 1980s. This movement aims to shift the focus from fast, mass-produced photocopy food to food that is made from locally-grown ingredients to nourish the body. This international phenomenon continues till date and has found many takers in the food community.

What is slow-food?

Slow food is simply locally-sourced food that celebrates the authentic ways of cooking and stands against the hurried, mindless consumption that has become the norm. It is a return to tradition where one cooks wholesome meals and creates a mindful experience around enjoying their food. It is the shunning of ‘one-size-fits-all menus’ and embracing the pleasures of cooking from scratch.

The concept of slow-food, as the name suggests, recommends slowing down and rejecting the ‘fast life’ – at least when it comes to what’s on your plate. It aims to preserve local cultures and traditions by reviving recipes that have gotten lost in the pages of time. It emphasizes on the pleasure of eating and savouring the efforts of preparing your own food.

Organic farming is another important aspect of slow food. The movement strives to reinstate agricultural practices that are devoid of pesticides, chemical fertilizers and genetically-engineered crops. It stands to support local farmers and to ensure they get their due. It also raises concerns about food waste and over-utilization of natural resources.

Want to experience slow food?

The ‘Good Food Movement’ at the Akshayakalpa farms is the perfect way to get to get a taste of what slow food is all about.

The Akshayakalpa farm is essentially a food forest – every where you look, you will find something to eat! A visit to the farm is a chance to understand the true origins of your food and experience firsthand the actual meaning of ‘farm-to-table’.

With our ‘Good Food Movement’, you can get to the roots of how your food is grown, nurtured and harvested – literally! What’s more, be an active participant every step of the way. Get your hands dirty harvesting the freshest organic vegetables from our vegetable garden, meet our farmers and know where your glass of milk comes from.

Build a bond with food like never before! Learn the traditional art of slow-cooking over wood-fire in earthen pots or carved out pumpkins. Sit down with your loved ones and enjoy the flavour of perfectly-seasoned organic meals as you indulge in a conversation or two.

Take a step back, relax amidst nature and make time for life on the Akshayakalpa farm! You will leave with your tummy and hearts full!