Life lesson from a tree!

Life lesson from a tree!

A visit to the Akshayakalpa farm will bring you amidst 24 acres of lush greenery. Every direction you look towards will have you casting your eye upon a different kind of tree, plant or shrub – each with its own quirks, peculiarities and distinguishing features.

If you look closely at them and read between the leaves, you will find that we have a lot to learn from these unassuming entities that we share our farm (and planet) with.

1. Always stay grounded: No matter how tall a tree grows; it is always connected to its roots. No matter how successful one is, it is important to stay humble.

At Akshayakalpa Organic, our practices are based in tradition and our goals are deeply rooted in our vision to uplift rural farmer communities

2. Have patience: From a seed to a sapling to a tree standing tall – it’s a journey that takes its own time. One must learn to weather the storm and dance in the rain for there is no way to speed up the process.

From 14 litres of organic milk to serving over 50,000 families, the journey of Akshayakalpa milk began on 1 farm. Today it has spanned 12 years and counting.

3. Be unique, be you: In all the world, no 2 leaves are identical. Each has its own differences that makes them unique.

At Akshayakalpa, we too do things differently. From the food our cows eat to our automated milking process, from the way we grow our vegetables to our farmer-first initiatives – we are pioneers in doing things differently.

4. Turn over a new leaf : Just like trees, it is important to grow and adapt to what life throws at you and to find direction. For it is only when we outgrow the old withered leaves, do we make room for new green ones.

We’re changing the way people approach nutrition. It is through relevant information and industry insights that we are debunking myths and helping our patrons ask the right questions to help them lead their healthiest lives through organic dairy.

5. Give back more than you take: We all need resources from around us to grow and prosper. But it is just as important to give back for a sustainable tomorrow. Trees remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, give us oxygen, provide shade, homes to birds and bear fruits.

At Akshayakalpa, we strive to leave a positive imprint on the environment by making all our farms and facilities more sustainable. Initiatives like ‘Lets Give Back the Milk Pack’ help us recycle our trash while ‘Restored for Good’ helps give a new lease of life to old clothes.

When you visit the Akshayakalpa farm, do take a few minutes to get acquainted with our trees, flora and fauna. It’s in our hub of biodiversity where nature provides the best education that goes far beyond the pages of a book!

Plan your farm visit with us today!