Old is gold – When recycled and sold!

Old is gold – When recycled and sold!

If you’ve made greeting cards out of eggshells as a child or eaten last night’s dinner for breakfast in a new avatar, then you have unknowingly been a part of the process of recycling.

Simply defined: recycling means giving something a new purpose of use. Commonly, it refers to waste – plastic, metal, paper, fabric, glass – that is repurposed for varied reasons.

Plastic, of course, is at the forefront of most recycling initiatives across the world, and for good reason. Used by most households every day, it takes centuries to decompose. Every piece of plastic ever made still exists on earth today! (Think about that the next time you’re using that disposable straw!)

So why has recycling become all so important these days?

Recycling plastic takes 88% less energy than manufacturing it from scratch. This benefits the environment by reducing the strain on fossil fuels, reducing greenhouse emissions, preventing the overflow of landfills into water bodies, and keeping wildlife safe.

Then why doesn’t everyone do it?

Well, everyone should!

The biggest barrier to recycling is a lack of awareness. People are often satisfied by segregating waste or buying products with packaging that can be recycled. But just because it has the recycling symbol doesn’t mean it actually gets recycled.

For any recycling initiative to work requires a partnership between 2 parties – one collecting the waste and one taking the onus of recycling it responsibly.

How can I genuinely make a difference?

At Akshayakalpa Organic, we understand that dairy packaging is a large contributor to plastic waste. In our effort to keep our practices sustainable, we launched the Akshayakalpa recycling revolution – ‘Give back your milk pack’ initiative – on World Earth Day 2022.

With 3 simple steps of RINSE-DRY-RETURN, our consumers can partner with us in this initiative. The collected milk packs are sustainably recycled into raw materials for other industries – thus giving the Akshayakalpa milk pouches a new lease of life.

Is it having an impact?

Every kg of milk packs that we recycle, is a kg of waste saved from reaching landfills, of plastic not corrupting the environment and not killing our oceans.

It is our attempt to grow this initiative to include all our patrons. The more the number of households that give back the milk pack, the bigger will be the impact.

The change begins with you! Register for the recycling initiative and take the first step towards a plastic-free tomorrow!