Changing weather got you feeling under the weather? We’ve got you covered!

Changing weather got you feeling under the weather? We’ve got you covered!

The grey monsoon clouds looming in the sky have many of us sniffling and reaching for our hankies. Ill effects of weather changes like flu, cold, cough and other respiratory disorders have made people more conscious of the nutrition they are consuming.

But the question remains, how is organic food better for dealing with ailments of weather change? The answer is simple – Immunity!

Organic food is produced in a natural way, without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. This ensures the food we consume is free of chemical residues and synthetic additives, in turn making them richer in anti-oxidants. Many studies across the globe support the fact that a diet rich in anti-oxidants leads to better immunity in children and adults.

Cows on the Akshayakalpa farm feed on a diet of organic fodder. Nutrients in chemical-free soil like Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Beta-carotene, selenium and flavonoids are passed into the fodder which results in milk that is full of essential nutrients. Regular consumption of organic milk can lead to a holistically developed immune system to fight viruses and bacteria while also helping keep allergies at bay.

Contrary to popular belief, having curd and buttermilk is good for health all year round, irrespective of the weather. Because curd is fermented, it is loaded with Vitamin C, making it ideal an immunity booster. Probiotic bacteria found in organic curd help maintain good gut health – another area of concern during changing weather. Teeming with over a crore of active probiotic bacteria, Akshayakalpa curd is ideal to keep your digestive system functioning optimally every day.

In short, organic food and dairy can enhance your overall health and give you a better quality of life –naturally.

So sit back with a warm cup of organic milk or a cool glass of organic buttermilk and enjoy the joys nature brings!