To drink or not to drink – that is the question!

To drink or not to drink – that is the question!

When it comes to the matter of adults and milk consumption, most of us stand divided between its pros and cons.

Cow’s milk, which has been enjoyed by our ancestors without any complication for millennia, has now come under the scanner for being harmful and detrimental to health. Surely, something has changed along the way?

Milk has always been synonymous with good health, strength, and nutrition. Pure and natural milk is one of the only food that contains 18 of the 22 nutrients essential for the human body. As we grow older, good and sufficient nutrition is key to repair our body and keep ailments at bay. Organic milk is high in protein and other essential nutrients that bring with them many benefits:

– A cup of organic milk contains almost 30% of the daily calcium requirements for adults and 15% of the daily recommended value of Vitamin D.
– The protein in milk helps fight Type-2 diabetes by improving blood sugar levels.
– Protein also keeps you fuller for longer, helps fight craving, and is great for individuals on a weight loss journey.
– The Omega-3 fatty acids in organic milk help raise the levels of good cholesterol in the body, thus maintaining good heart health and preventing strokes.
– Potassium regulates blood pressure
– Regular intake of vitamins like B12 and D help prevent insomnia and depression.

With the benefits of milk being extensive, then why is that we are wary of adding milk to adult diets?

Unfortunately, the rising demand for dairy has caused the milk to be one of the most adulterated foods in the world. In an attempt to increase yield, cut costs and increase the shelf-life, the use of antibiotics, synthetic hormones and chemical emulsifiers has become rampant in the dairy industry.

These additives put tremendous strain on the gut and can aggravate underlying health conditions.

Of course, the benefits of milk depend solely on the quality of milk consumed. Organic milk from fodder-fed cows that is free from chemicals, has been directly linked with better health and a better quality of life worldwide. It has a higher concentration of nutrients and is ideal for good health, without age ever being a factor! Increasing cases of dairy allergies and lactose intolerance has led to the development of specialized lactose-free milk that is easy to digest.

The pros of organic milk consumption outweigh the cons of conventional milk any day. So, go ahead and grab your glass of organic milk today and sit back and enjoy the amazing benefits it brings!