Akshayakalpa Organic – Proud to be Fair TSA certified!

Akshayakalpa Organic – Proud to be Fair TSA certified!

When the co-founder of Akshayakalpa Organic, Mr. Shashi Kumar, began setting up an organization to elevate rural farmer livelihoods over a decade ago, he did not realize that his goals and ideals resonated with others around the globe. He decided to put the well-being of his consumers, his farmers, and the planet before his own financial gain, and today, it has led to us being fair TSA certified!

The Fair Trade Sustainability Alliance is a non-profit organization that believes there is always a more transparent, ethical, and sustainable way of doing business. It shifts the focus from raising the bottom line to the betterment of all stakeholders involved.

Who is a part of Fair TSA?

Organizations that make the right choices – for their producers, consumers, and the planet – are a part of this alliance. Only after adhering to the highest standards of good and right are organizations awarded this prestigious certificate.

At Akshayakalpa Organic, our vision to improve the livelihood of farmer families through purposeful steps led to the creation of our dairy enterprise. We are India’s first certified organic dairy with an aim to bring clean, nutritious dairy to all its consumers. We also believe that no development should come at the price of the environment or nature.

Why choose Fair Trade?

Fair trade is based on a simple philosophy that products bought and sold impact everyone involved. Thus the impact should be made positive and fair.

Akshayakalpa Organic empowers farmers with resources to help them focus on growth. 68% of the revenue generated is paid back to the farmers – motivating them to stay true to organic practices. This results in nutritious, organic dairy for our consumers; that is free from antibiotics, induced hormones, and chemical residues. Lack of chemical pesticides and fertilizers restores the vitality of the soil and promotes the preservation of the farmlands.

It is a trade where everyone emerges a WINNER!

What is the impact of Fair Trade?

Over the last two decades, more and more people are opting to buy fair trade products due to their great quality and awareness about choosing responsibly- sourced products that make a difference to communities.

The positive impacts of fair trade practices at Akshayakalpa Organic can be classified into 3 parts:

A) For our farmers: Farmers are the core of Akshayakalpa Organic.

– Meticulous 2-year training in organic farming practices helps with quality yield.
– Initiatives to empower farmer families with resources for better livelihoods and safer working conditions.
– Fair partnerships with fair remunerations.
– Auxiliary income streams through product diversification by Akshayakalpa Organic.
– Akshayakalpa Organic is the only dairy in India to pay its farmers every single day!

B) For our consumers: The support of our consumers drives us to be better every day.

– Convenient access to high quality, ethically produced organic dairy products.
– A chance to break the poverty cycle through everyday shopping.
– An opportunity to connect with people who produce our organic dairy.
– Confidence of pure and nutritious dairy for our families.
– To be a part of a growing community of conscious eaters while giving back to our farmers.

C) For our Planet: We take our promise of sustainability seriously!

– All practices are aligned with the standards set by APEDA (governing body for organic produce in India)
– Our farmers follow a circular economy where the requirements of the farm are met by the farm itself
– Every farm promotes biodiversity through assorted fruits and vegetable cultivation
– Bio-digesters on our farms produce biogas used for energy requirements. Residue sludge is used as organic manure to nourish the soil.
– A combined effluent treatment plant (CETP) to manage waste.
– Akshayakalpa Organic also collects and recycles its plastic dairy pouches and is working towards being plastic-free by 2030.

Fair trade changes lives by changing the way of trade. The Fair trade certification is a testament to our promise that the products you buy from Akshayakalpa Organic were sourced in an ethical way, improve livelihoods and protect the planet – ALWAYS!