Read between the lines: Your guide to being a smart protein consumer!

Read between the lines: Your guide to being a smart protein consumer!

Do you get enough protein in your daily diet? Put your body weight into the equation below to know how much protein the World Health Organization says you need every day!

0.8 grams -1 gram of protein PER 1 kg of body weight

A person who weighs 60 Kgs requires a minimum of 48-60 grams of protein every day. However, athletes, growing children, older adults, nursing mothers and pregnant women require much more than that.

India is one of the most protein-deficient countries in the world! 73% Indians, including children, suffer from ill-effects of protein deficiency.

This national Protein day, 27th February 2022 – let’s demystify this essential macronutrient for you!

Protein is made up of 20+ types of building blocks called amino acids. Of these, 9 are considered essential because our body cannot make them so they need to be a part of our diet. Amino acids make about 10,000 different proteins that are found in our bones, hair, skin, muscles, and tissues.

Protein cannot be stored by the body so it has to be consumed every day. To become a smart protein consumer, ask yourself a fundamental question – Do I understand the protein I am buying?

The right protein foods can help your children grow up healthy, your parents age comfortably, and help you be STRONGER EVERYDAY.

It’s time to start READING LABELS!

1) Some brands mention their protein content in a pre-decided serving size. Often we land up eating more or less than that and it is essential to calculate based on what you consume

2) The ‘Protein package’: Say 100 grams of a product has X grams of protein. Then what is in the (100 minus X) grams of the product? Is it sugar or sodium or fats? Processed sources of proteins are often accompanied by fillers which are harmful. The easy solution is to add natural sources of protein to your diet.

What are ‘Complete’ sources of protein?

‘Complete’ protein means that it contains all 20+ types of amino acids needed by the body. Milk and other dairy products are a perfect examples. It is accompanied by other essential nutrients and fatty acids making it a ‘Complete package’ for good health.

Why do we suffer from protein deficiency?

In India, our calorie intake due to protein is negligible. This is one of the leading causes for the ill effects of protein deficiency like growth failure, loss of muscle mass, decreased immunity, and compromised heart and respiratory health.

There are also an astounding number of myths that surround proteins. From believing protein is only for body-builders to it causing weight gain, hairy legs, digestive issues – there are many! Research, however, has debunked these myths.

At Akshayakalpa Organic, we are 100% honest about what goes into our products and the results speak for themselves. Our organic milk from cows living on organic farms is the primary ingredient in our dairy products, making each of them a source for clean protein and nutrition by nature!

Let’s try this today:

– Add a source of protein to your every meal and snack: Have a fruit yogurt smoothie, make a quick paneer burji and have it with rotis or add cheese to your dosa/parantha or enjoy buttermilk as an evening snack.

Not only will this help you meet your protein needs, but it will also keep you energized and make you stronger every day!

We hope this guide helps you become a smart consumer of protein for both you and your family!

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