3 reasons why country eggs deserve a special place on your plate!

3 reasons why country eggs deserve a special place on your plate!

In India, eggs are one of the most widely available and widely consumed proteins. Loaded with nutrients, it is considered by most as one of the key items in a balanced diet to meet nutritional gaps, especially for children. In recent years, our supermarket shelves have started lining up with a wide range of eggs that claim to have been fortified with additional nutrients. And now, to offer their own range of unique health benefits, country eggs are widely gaining popularity.

With a higher price tag than conventional eggs, one might wonder why switch to organic eggs and do they really bring any unique benefits to the diet?

Here are three reasons why making the switch would be worth it for your family:

  • Country eggs are healthier

Eggs are a fantastic source of proteins and several other nutrients. Organic eggs take this up a notch by being an even better source of vitamins A, D and E. Based on a study by Penn State University, organic eggs can have up to 3 times more omega 3 fatty acids than conventional eggs. The omega 3 in organic eggs can help fight chronic illnesses, reduce inflammation, support brain function and growth, improve heart health and lower cholesterol. When choosing to add eggs to one’s diet, it is just a smarter choice to add eggs that bring more nutrition per bite.

  • Country eggs say NO to nasties

In a conventional farm, the feed given to the chickens are usually bought from mass-market producers and can be loaded with genetically modified grains (wheat, corn, etc.) and chemicals such as growth promoters, taste enhancers and artificial coloring to encourage feeding and enhance production. However, hens that live on organic farms eat organic grains and feed free from pesticides, insecticides, fertilizers and other chemicals. Moreover, the hens on organic farms are not injected with any hormones or antibiotics unlike the hens on conventional farms where hormones are administered to increase yield and antibiotics are given to prevent illnesses due to unhygienic living conditions.  Country eggs, therefore, have no chemical residues and are free of any and all nasties.

  • Country eggs are more ethically produced from happier, healthier hens

Eggs from hens living on organic farms are known as country eggs. Hens on farms like Akshayakalpa are free to roam the land, eating and drinking water as they please. Their feed is free of any chemical residues and the hens are also free to exhibit their natural behaviour of foraging and dust bathing. They live happy, stress-free lives compared to their counterparts in conventional farms, ensuring the eggs are also free from stress-hormones.

Country eggs from free-roaming hens in the backyard of Akshayakalpa Organic farms are full of naturally-occurring nutrition. The hens feed on organic, non-GMO feed grown on chemical-free soils and they live in stress-free environments resulting in eggs that are ethically produced and healthy. With no artificially provoked laying of eggs, no tampering with feed to enhance productivity, no antibiotics and no synthetic hormones, every egg is just as nature intended it to be.