It was 2010, that Akshayakalpa was born into existence when the goal was written down. It was one, that embraced the wealth of the land and that of the farmers.  

It’s been 10 years. Yes, a lot of sweat, blood and tears have gone in the way. Yes, we had to move heaven and earth. And yes, we did it. Now the average income per month of an Akshayakalpa farmer is 1,00,000.  

When the rain started to fail, when the produce started to dwindle down, the livelihood of the farmers went down too. Without sustainable means of development in the farms, the world of agriculture started to tumble down.   

Many a farmer found themselves in deep waters, and many moved away from the land they once loved, seeking a livelihood in towns and cities.  

But what if we can change it? It all started with this question. The goal was to enable the farmer a steady average income of 100,000 per month while incorporating organic and traditional farming methods to restore the wealth of the land, thereby contributing to the wealth of the farms and the farmers. The goal was set, pursued and now accomplished.  

If I’m right, you might be wondering why 1 lakh. What does Revenue of INR 1,00,000/- per month even mean?  

It’s somehow embedded in our minds that profession in city = higher and stable income. But what we are forgetting is that one can earn as much in the farms too! Earning INR. 100,000 per month shall break the negative mindsets of the urban and rural divide of earning potential.  

Imagine earning revenue of INR. 100,000 as a farmer. Making the heads turn, growing as an epitome of inspiration as the news spreads afar. The farmer will be a role model in that village, whom everyone will look up to! Better living standards in housing, better education, better healthcare, and disposable income as their city counterparts. It’s the dream we have in our mind for our farmers.   

INR 100,000 makes farming an opportunity and means of wealth creation for the farmers. Why would farmers leave the livelihood they have lived and loved if they are making a stable income from it? “The goal of INR 100,000 elevates livelihood-based farming operations into a wealth creation opportunity for the farmer, and Akshayakalpa believes that this paradigm shift is required to move towards sustainable and quality-focused farming operations.” says Shashi Kumar, the CEO of Akshayakalpa. 

We believe INR 100,000 is achievable by a small dairy farmer. A farmer will start with five cows and is groomed as fifteen to twenty-five cow farmers over two to three years, producing quality milk. It motivates farmers to treat farming as a vocation of choice and bring entrepreneurial zeal and rigour into agriculture.  

You probably have heard of the domino effect, where a change in one behaviour activates a chain of reactions and causes an ultimate shift in the behaviour. Want to hear a real-life example?  Every time you buy an Akshayakalpa product, you send good returns in the way of the farmers. This encourages the farmer to cultivate more organic produces. More organic food in-turn contributes to a healthier you and healthier earth. Remember, it all starts with you!