What makes it so special? What makes it different? What does it mean? Thousands of questions raise when you hear the term ‘Organic Milk’. To be honest it’s not so special. It’s not so different. It just milk. It’s ‘the milk’ that nature intended to be.   

First, let’s understand what organic milk is! Milk can be called organic when it comes from cows raised in conditions that are accommodative of their natural behaviour and the symbiotic relationship with their surroundings is not broken. That sounds a bit complex right? Let me break it down.  

Generally, when we hear the term Organic, we think it’s devoid of pesticides, growth hormones and any other synthetic compounds. The term Organic goes much beyond that.   

Our existence, nature, plants and animals, everything’s connected, sustaining the life on earth! When you add synthetic and chemicals compounds to the farming equation, we disturb the balance that we are supposed to conserve. For instance, using pesticides might keep the pests at bay. But it comes with a price too! Health. Not just yours but the soils’ too.   

When the soil is rich and fertile, the fodder that grows from it will be healthy. When the fodder is healthy, the cow that eats it will be healthy. Then it’s the milk and us!  

There is indeed a beautiful relationship between the soil and cows. As soil feeds the cow with its fresh produce, the cow feeds the soil back with its dung, making it fertile again. It is this epic saga of love we are polluting with synthetic fertilizers!  

Yes, fodder plays an important role in milk quality. And do you know what else does? It’s the environment the cows live in. As a breath of fresh and free air caresses our cows along with the love from our farmer families, the quality-of-life increases. Remember, the healthiest milk comes from the happiest cows.  

When the cows are fed good fodder and provided with great care and left free, they are healthy. So is the milk that comes from them. It’s as simple as that!  

At Akshayakalpa, we care! We care for our cows; we care for our soil and we care for you too! Remember, by choosing Organic milk, you don’t just choose what’s healthy for you and your family, but what’s healthy for our planet Earth too!