We often ask ourselves, who are we doing this for? This effort, these processes, this toiling, early morning deliveries and late night quality checks – who’s noticing it? At the end of the day, are we losing out to someone who hires a celebrity to tout their product or spends a ton of their consumer’s money on plastering their ad on every hoarding they can find?

Seriously, who are we doing this for?

Then we look around and we realize that there are people around us who care about these things just as much as we do! Who are checking facts about their food and rechecking just to be sure. Those who are willing to go the extra mile for quality and will pick health over comfort any given day.

Who are these people?


People who are reading the labels of their food and seeking out knowledge. Who are calculating recommended daily allowances and hunting for better alternatives and not settling for what’s ‘available’.

You’re challenging the status quo! You are making the effort to handpick the choiciest organic vegetables and cook meals from scratch for your families to give them the true nutrients of chemical-free soils. You are the people who are not filling lunch boxes with easy-to-make, ready-to-eat snacks because you know real nourishment is harder to find. You are fighting a war against pesticides, fertilizers, chemical residues, artificial sweeteners and processed sugar every day. And winning!

When we talk about toddler nutrition, people like you lay a foundation for eating right with your children. You not just nurture and provide, but rather empower your little ones to build healthy eating habits for a lifetime. You do this through shared experiences, and you do it today and every day, because you know that it’s the need of the hour and tomorrow might be too late.

You believe that prevention is better than cure. People like you research the long-term impacts of nutrition for a healthier, safer lifestyle and know that good food is the answer to bridge nutritional gaps. When studies about the co-relation between the food we eat, the way it is grown, the deficiencies of essential nutrients and many lifestyle illnesses comes to light, you are already one step ahead, figuring out a way to fix food for your family and keep nasties out of their diet.

People like you take time to reconnect with your roots. From discovering how the food was grown to the farmer who ploughed, sowed and harvested for you, you understand that every step plays a vital role in bringing the best for your family. You not only seek it, you recognize it, honour it and most importantly, share this valuable knowledge with your loved ones.

You are a thinker and doer and through the ‘Good Food Movement’, we aim to create a community of PEOPLE LIKE YOU who will make good food a priority for generations to come – those who will learn from nature, return to tradition and prove that nutrition is at the heart of it all!

Kudos to you!