Who should drink UHT milk and who should drink fresh milk?

Who should drink UHT milk and who should drink fresh milk?

With multiple options of milk available in the market, choosing the right milk for your family can be confusing and difficult. 

Fresh milk is milk that undergoes no heat processing. It is delivered soon after milking and has to be consumed within a short shelf-life. 

‘Ultra-heat treated’ is milk that has been sterilized by heating it to a high temperature of about 140-142 degrees Celsius for 2 seconds, to kill bacteria in milk and increasing its shelf-life naturally. 

Many factors influence the decision about the milk once should opt for including personal preference, availability, quantity of consumption and specific dietary requirements. There is no right choice when it comes to fresh milk and UHT milk. However, the main criteria for choosing milk for your family should be the source of the milk and the nutrition it provides. 

For those who wish to add the goodness of organic milk to their diet but prefer the convenience of a longer shelf life or ready-to-use milk, Akshayakalpa Organic milk (UHT) is a practical choice. This no-boiling-required milk can be stored and consumed at room temperature and lets you enjoy all the macronutrients of fresh organic milk without any preservatives.