Up your cooking game with these awesome recipes using organic curd!

Up your cooking game with these awesome recipes using organic curd!

With the temperatures beginning to soar, curd is one of the best ways to cool down. And besides its calming effect on the body, adding curd to your diet brings a world of benefits – from strengthening your immunity and improving digestion to helping with weight loss and controlling hypertension.

While curd tastes great by itself and is an important part of most meals in India, sometimes one need to think out-of-box to add it to their diet. For parents of fussy eaters, those on a weight-loss journey, fitness enthusiasts or foodies at heart – there are several easy and tasty ways to add curd to your diet besides the ever-silver curd rice and buttermilk.

Here are five fun ways that curd can tantalize your tastebuds and make your plate more interesting:

  1. Blend into a smoothie

Smoothies are a fantastic source of energy post-workout or on a hot summer’s day.

To make yourself a curd smoothie: chop up and add your favourite fruits to a cup of Akshayakalpa Organic pouch or set curd with ice and blend till smooth. Garnish with chopped nuts and enjoy!

Pro-tip: Add a spoonful of Akshayakalpa Multifloral Raw honey as a natural sweetener for an extra dose of guilt-free sweetness

  1. Spread it on your breads

Most of the widely available bread spreads, from peanut butter to cheese spreads, are loaded with unhealthy ingredients and tons of artificial flavours and additives. This curd-based bread spread is an easy to make, tasty and healthy alternative.

To make the spread: you usually need to first hang a cup of curd overnight to remove the excess water. Because of its thick, creamy texture Akshayakalpa Organic Set curd can be used directly for the recipe.

Beat the curd till smooth and add salt to taste and seasonings of your choice (such as crushed garlic, chili flakes, coriander, mint, and pepper) to make different spreads. You can also add finely chopped or grated vegetables such as carrot and cucumber to make the spread even more nutritious.

Pro-Tip: Pair the spreads with Akshayakalpa Organic range of Whole Wheat breads for a healthy breakfast or snack option.

  1. Freeze it into a dessert

Do you know that most ice-creams in the market are actually not even make of milk (Look out for the ‘frozen dessert’ tag!) As an alternative to the high-calorie ice creams, try a homemade frozen yogurt. It’s not just a good way to stay cool but a fun way to add fruit to your diet.

To make some frozen yogurt:  Lightly sweeten Akshayakalpa Organic Set Curd with Akshayakalpa Multifloral Raw honey. Finely chop your favourite fruits or berries and nuts. Mix gently and place in the freezer for a few hours.

Pro-tip: You can freeze these into popsicles using moulds for some added fun for the kids.

  1. Make a dip

Mayonnaise and other unhealthy sauces are our go-to when we need a dip for your chips and finger foods. Next time, elevate the flavour and nutrition of your snacks with this easy and healthy yet tasty dip instead.

To make the dip: Beat Akshayakalpa Organic Set Curd with a spoon till smooth and add salt to taste. You can now make different types of dips by adding lime juice, crushed garlic, chili flakes, mint, coriander or any other seasoning of your choice. Mix and match the seasonings to create wonderful new dips.

Pro-tip: Use Akshayakalpa Organic Lemongrass for a dip with a divine aroma

  1. Add it to your breakfast cereal

The easiest of the five ways to add curd to your diet is to simply substitute the milk you generally add to your morning cereal with some curd. It’s a healthy, cooling and refreshing way to start your diet.

Pro-tip: Overnight oats with curd make a great breakfast variant that is quick and nutritious too!

Akshayakalpa Organic range of curd is carefully fermented using 100% organic milk from cows living on organic farms. The milk is free from antibiotics, synthetic hormones and chemical residues – ensuring the resulting curd is pure, safe, healthy and full of nutrition.

So go ahead and enjoy the myriad benefits of adding organic curd to your diet today and get your ingredients on the app!