The story of Organic butter!

The story of Organic butter!

Once upon a time, in an organic land not-so-far away, was a glass of organic milk.

The milk was wholesome and nutritious for it was from happy, healthy cows feeding on organic fodder grown on chemical-free soils. The milk was lauded by patrons far and wide for its purity, its freshness and the benefits it brought. But the milk wanted to be more.

The milk approached the Head of the Land in hope of direction, a vision as to what it could be. The Head of the Land told him about a soft, precious commodity that had made its space in the heart of patrons across continents for centuries – fresh, organic butter.

At last, the milk had found its purpose, for it aspired to bring much joy. “Guide me” it said, “to be the best I can.”

“Are you up to the test?” The head of the land enquired. “For to be the best organic butter, you need to be the best organic milk.”

“I am proud of the organic milk I am.” replied the milk. “I have no antibiotics, no synthetic additives and no chemical residues. I am fresh, untouched by human hand and contamination-free”

“Are you willing to stand the test of endurance? To change the very core of who you are?” asked the Head of the land.

“I am nutritious at my core. I will not give that up for anything.” replied the milk.

“Your nutrition is what sets you truly apart. It is what will ensure that the butter will be nutritious too. No one can take that away from you.” assured the head of the land. “Come, let us begin.”

The organic milk was excited. Step-by-step began its transformation. Cream from the milk was traditionally and slowly-churned to result in organic butter that had a warm aroma, soft and easy-to-spread texture and was full of the naturally-occurring nutrients of organic milk. Mild seasoning with salt ensured that it was the perfect balance of taste and flavour.

Packed and delivered straight to the doorsteps of Akshayakalpa patrons, the organic butter’s excitement knew no bounds. The joy on their faces when they spread it on toast and took a bite was all the validation it needed.

It had finally arrived!