The Real Difference: Organic Milk And Fresh Milk

The Real Difference: Organic Milk And Fresh Milk

For years we believed this; for years now, we have held our confidence in the fact that Fresh milk equals Healthy milk. But is it though?   

Some foods are not just a part of our diets, but a part of us, our lives instead. I believe it goes without saying that milk is one of them. When asked a few regular consumers, if the milk they are drinking is healthy, most resonated with the fact that it is fresh, so it must be healthy. But fresh doesn’t always necessarily mean healthy! Especially when it comes to milk.   

Have you ever visited the farm from where your daily glass of milk comes from? In our minds, we see a picturesque image of beautiful and lovely green pasture where the cows are roaming free and happy that we remember from the advertisements. But what if it is not true? What if the cows are tied down? Worse yet, what if the cows are treated with antibiotics?  

Nothing good comes from a place that is miserable. How would you feel when you get stuck in a place that you don’t like? A place where hygiene is not regulated; where you aren’t treated well; a place which splits your child away from you! Your stress and hormones levels would shoot up in the life of misery and so does in the cows which suffers the cruel reality.  

The freshness of the milk might be delightful, but the quality certainly is not. If the cow is not fed healthy organic fodder and not taken proper care of, then the healthy part goes missing from the fresh milk! It might not be adulterated, but it is certainly not pure.   

At Akshayakalpa we strive to provide a home for our cows, not just shelters to live in. With our farm-grown organic fodder, the joy that comes from all the freedom and the love showered upon by our farmer families, we make sure our cows are not just healthy, but happy too!  

It’s time we all understood that choosing health means choosing not just fresh, but Organic. With Akshayakalpa you never have to choose between fresh and Organic. Not all that is fresh is Organic and not all that is organic is fresh. But remember, all that is Akshayakalpa is always fresh and Organic. Why choose when you can have both!