The magic of recycling!

The magic of recycling!

Take a minute to stop reading and look around you. Is there any single use plastic in your vicinity? Straws, snack wrappers, medicine strips, plastic bags, teabags – plastic hides in the most inconspicuous places till it ends up in our landfills and oceans.

India alone produces 40,000 tonnes of plastic every day, of which only 60% gets recycled. A survey showed that 9 out of 10 people were open to recycling plastic waste if it was made easier or convenient.

At Akshayakalpa Organic, we have decided to take responsibility of our trash! This World Earth Day, April 22nd 2022, we are launching our RECYCLING REVOLUTION – the LET’S GIVE BACK YOUR MILK PACK initiative. Backed by over 2 years of hard work, struggles and innovation, this initiative will enable us to recycle our plastic waste sustainably.

Why we do, what we do?

By nature, we are a responsible organization. Our farms are zero discharge facilities with provisions for biogas and rainwater harvesting. When it comes to our sustainability efforts, we understand that product packaging is a critical element.

In an effort to curb single-use plastic at the source, we have recently launched milk in paperboard packaging that is 92% biodegradable and 100% recyclable. While this packaging will help us fight the plastic-waste war in the future, our full-fledged recycling initiative battles the waste generated today!

Making it a consumer priority

Consumers agree that recycling is the need of the hour. The Akshayakalpa Recycling Initiative places a shared responsibility on our patrons to initiate the recycling process. With just 3 simple steps, one can create a healthy future for their families and the planet.

1. RINSE: Washing the empty dairy pouches with running water ensures it can be processed for recycling

2. DRY: Leaving the packs in open air to dry prevents contamination and mold

3. RETURN: The clean and dry pouches are to be placed in the Akshayakalpa delivery bag to be collected by our agents

Not just for today – EVERY DAY!

Simply put, recycling is not just about reducing the amount of material sent to a landfill. It is about creating a new cycle of use. One ton of recycled plastic saves 3114 liters of oil and 3000 liters of water!

Because our product is consumed every day, we generate waste every day. Therefore, it is only fitting that we collect back milk pouches for recycling every day too. The ‘Let’s Give Back Your Milk Pack’ initiative will be an ongoing process with an aim to get more households to recycle every day.

Come, be an Akshayakalpa change agent!

When you buy an Akshayakalpa product, you can revel in the confidence that you’re doing right by your family, the farmers and the environment.

But it all begins with you!
– While opening a dairy pouch, never snip of tear off a corner. The tiny pieces cannot be recycled.
– A few minutes of your time to RINSE-DRY-RETURN can have a big positive impact on the environment
– As we join hands together, we can make a bigger CIRCLE of GOOD!