P for Pure, protein-packed Paneer!

P for Pure, protein-packed Paneer!

Like chicken is to non-vegetarian cuisine, paneer is the versatile and delicious equivalent for vegetarians. Also known as ‘Cottage cheese’, paneer is fresh cheese with a soft texture that is a star of many an Indian recipe. Because of its unique texture, it doesn’t melt upon heating – making it the perfect ingredient for starters, curries, salads and even desserts!

The quality and the texture of paneer is a reflection of the core ingredient used to craft it – milk. Better milk equals better paneer. And while its taste is something most people cannot get enough of, its high nutritional package is the reason it is considered good for health too:

1. Supports growth, development and repair of cells, tissues and muscles: Organic paneer made from organic cow milk has the highest content of high-quality protein as compared to paneer made from any other milk. On an average, 100 grams of organic paneer contains 20 grams of protein, making it a great addition to vegetarian diets

2. Strengthens bones and teeth: Because it’s packed with the goodness of organic milk, organic paneer is full of calcium. Having enough calcium in your diet results in stronger bones, healthier teeth and better heart health

3. Regulates blood sugar levels: Magnesium found in organic paneer helps boost the immune system while also keeping spikes in blood sugar in check

4. Keeps your kidneys healthy: Organic paneer contains significant amounts of potassium that regulate the fluids in the body and maintain electrolyte balance

5. Aids digestion: Phosphorous and magnesium in organic paneer prevent constipation and help improve gut health

6. Source of Vitamin B: Organic paneer is rich in Vitamin B or folate that is imperative for the production of new red blood cells in the body. Folate is also essential for the development of the fetus in expecting mothers.

7. Promotes healthy weight loss: Because it is high in protein, organic paneer keeps you full for longer and keeps your cravings at bay. It also contains conjugates linoleic acid that works as a natural fat burner for the body

Apart from the health benefits, organic paneer is good for skin too. Vitamin E, selenium and antioxidants like Omega-3 fatty acids combat free-radical damage, keeping your skin looking younger and hair stronger.

Organic paneer is made using organic milk and without the use of chemicals. Because organic milk is full of nutrition, the resulting paneer is the ideal way to enjoy its full range of health benefits.

Akshayakalpa Organic Paneer is crafted from 100% organic milk and curd that are free from antibiotics and synthetic hormones. It is crafted without the use of any chemicals or artificial additives to ensure that the resulting melt-in-the-mouth soft and tasty paneer retains all the nutrients too.

So go ahead and grab your recipe book and look up exciting ways to add organic paneer to your daily diet.

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