Organic farmers are actually climate farmers

Organic farmers are actually climate farmers

Organic farmers are actually climate farmers.

There is a saying that “Once in your life, you need a doctor, a lawyer, a policeman and a preacher, but every day, three times a day, you need a farmer.” We forget that everything we have in our society is built on agriculture.

Recently, it has been found that organic farmers have the power to change the climate. Soil that is alive and thriving has the capacity of absorbing carbon from the atmosphere and thereby reducing the temperature (This is called carbon sequestration). Organic farming is a powerful job which comes with great responsibility of not just feeding all of us but contributing to climate change as well.

Akshayakalpa farms are a living example of this phenomenon. The temperature in our organic farms has seen a drop of 1-1.5 degree Celsius from other conventional farms.

Being urbanites although we want to contribute to the planet in any small way possible, it’s often hard to figure out where to start.

We at Akshayakalpa bring to you the complete guide on how to become an urban climate farmer yourself, even if you have a small backyard or a small garden in your home, we help you with the right way of composting and gardening. Come visit us at our farms to know the ins and outs of composting and get your hands dirty in alive thriving soil and be a small part of this big climate change revolution.