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How do we avoid Antibiotics at Akshayakalpa?

How do we avoid Antibiotics at Akshayakalpa?

Have you ever worried about dying from a small open wound or infection? Most of you would find it absurd, but this was the reality during the pre-antibiotic era. The antibiotics were introduced as a miracle drug in the medical industry with its ability to increase the life-expectancy. But the tables have turned now; what started as a life saver now poses a threat to the same! With every dose of antibiotics consumed unnecessarily, the bacteria causing the infection increases its resistance towards them. Imagine the conundrum if this continues to go on! 

But do you know that medicines aren’t the only way we consume antibiotics? Much to our surprise, it comes down to our food. With every meal, with every glass of milk, we intake antibiotics on a regular basis. Antibiotics found its way into food and farming since the onset of industrialization in agriculture. As the demand for food grew, so did the abuse of soil and livestock in agriculture. 

At Akshayakalpa, we envisage the rejuvenation of agriculture to return to the fertile state it once was. In the post-industrialization period while monoculture flourished, the livestock suffered when raised in conditions unaccommodating of their natural behaviour. The animals, in the process, became susceptible to more infections and diseases resulting from stress and unhygienic conditions, which in turn were treated with antibiotics. Thus, began the vicious cycle. 

But what if we can break the cycle? What if we curb the infections in the first place? At Akshayakalpa, in order to break the toxic cycle, we create an environment for our cows, accommodating of their nature. Nonetheless, this is just our first step in saying a big fat ‘NO’ to the insidious entry of antibiotics in our food. 

Akshayakalpa farmer cleaning the cow shed and feeding manger

Did you know? Most of the infection causing bacteria and viruses in cows, stem from the unhygienic environment they are stuffed in.  Imagine being tied down all day in an area that reeks contamination. It’s a horror to even imagine. As it were, this is the reality that the cows go through in most dairy farms today. At Akshayakalpa, we not only value our cows, but also its freedom, health and happiness. Our customized cow sheds provide a clean and spacious shelter. With ample space to roam around, our cattle enjoy the breath of freedom. 

Cows roaming freely at Akshayakalpa farms

Well, you might wonder what if the infection happens still? We avert the use of antibiotics to the maximum by resorting to natural and herbal means of treatment. Only in the extreme cases, we allow the antibiotic treatment, after which the cow will be quarantined for a minimum of 20 days until the traces of the antibiotic diminish completely. However, during the process, the milk won’t be pooled into Akshayakalpa Milk.  

Cows receiving herbal treatment at Akshayakalpa farms
Milk from Akshayakalpa farms being tested for Antibiotic traces

After diligent farming and milking practices, our milk undergoes antibiotic testing twice, once at the farm and again at the plant to check the traces of antibiotics. Remember, we not only care about our cattle, we care for you too! 

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