Here’s to protecting the purity of milk by protecting what she eats!

Here’s to protecting the purity of milk by protecting what she eats!

To meet growing demand for food, the Green revolution has left farmers living in a catch-22 situation – trying to balance the need for fertility in soil and the dearth of nutrients in the produce – forcing them to turn to artificial fertilizers and pesticides.

When we consume food laden with chemical residues, they are unknowingly passed from our diets into our systems. Similarly, when cows eat fodder grown on chemically-nourished soils, the residues are passed into their milk.

It is by protecting the food that cows on the Akshayakalpa farm eat that we are able to protect not just the naturally-occurring good of the milk but also keep the not-so-good nasties at bay!

Alive and thriving, chemical-free soil is used to grow organic fodder for our cows. Chemicals found in pesticides and synthetic fertilizers used in conventional farming destroy the millions of organisms found in soil and compromise its fertility. Akshayakalpa farmlands are rejuvenated and transformed for 2-3 years to ensure they are 100% organic, with an abundance of life-force, before they are cultivated. Instead of chemical fertilizers, the leftover cow dung slurry from the biogas plant and compost are used to increase the natural fertility of the soil.

Because organic fodder grown on our farms is free from artificial additives, they do not find their way into the diets of the cows and hence, the milk produced is free-from pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.

Growing fodder in-house for our cows not only helps fortify nutrients for their diet but also helps ensure that our cows only receive the freshest food, thereby leaving no room for aflatoxins.

Aflatoxins are toxins produced by certain fungi found on crops such as maize and peanuts – which are often fed to cows. These toxins can be passed onto humans through milk and can cause innumerable health concerns.

Because the food for our cows is home-grown, aflatoxins do not make their way into the diet of our cows and therefore stay out of the organic milk too.

A healthy outside starts from a healthy inside. By being mindful of what our cows eat, we are able to take care of the milk that is delivered to your family – ensuring it is safe, pure and with NO PESTICIDES, NO SYNTHETIC FERTILIZERS and NO AFLATOXINS!