Bye, Bye Nasties! Hello, Good Health!

Bye, Bye Nasties! Hello, Good Health!

It is a truth universally acknowledged that we all want to lead healthy lifestyles along with our loved ones with no exposure to anything harmful.

Yet little nasties have a way of creeping up on us! From packaged, processed food to the floor cleaning liquid or even the water we drink – sometimes, it may not be 100% as good for us as it is supposed to be.

So how does one keep these unnecessarily evils out of our lives (and diets?)

The answer is simple – by eliminating them at the very source!

Akshayakalpa Organic cares about what you put in your body, so we care about what goes into our glass of milk. We take care of how our cows live, what they eat and protect the milk they give, so no nasties can sneak into your glass of milk.

The purity of Akshayakalpa Organic milk begins at our organic farms. Happy, healthy cows live in natural environments that are clean, hygienic and well-maintained. Our cows are free-roaming and never tethered so they can play, jump and interact with each other to their hearts’ content. Cool shaded areas under lush, green trees and mattresses to sleep on ensure they are comfortable at all times.

Cows also need a special diet to stay fit and healthy. Cows on the Akshayakalpa farm have access to balanced and nutritious meals at all time –including organic fodder, peanut patties, millets etc. -that are designed by a special team of nutritionists. Clean RO purified drinking water keeps our cows well hydrated and their bodies cool, even in summer months – keeping heat stress at bay.

Just like us, uncomfortable situations can be stressful for cows too. Being tied up, living in isolation, new or unfamiliar surroundings, lack of nutritious food are some of the challenges that cows face that can lead to the release of stress hormones like Cortisol or Adrenalin to help cope with the stressor. On the Akshayakalpa farms, cows are made to feel at home at all times so stress-hormones are kept out of their systems.

When we lead healthy lives, eat nutritious food and stay in clean environments, we fall sick less often, as do animals. When cows are happy and comfortable, they too have better immunities to fight off diseases, reducing the use of antibiotics. Because they are calm and relaxed, the milk is full of natural nutrients and devoid of stress-hormones – always. And because our cows are like family, they are never treated with growth hormones to increase milk supply or alter their fertility cycles.

At Akshayakalpa Organic, we understand the importance of keeping organic milk as natural as possible. Providing the best living conditions for our cows is the first step in ensuring the milk that reaches you is free from antibiotics, synthetic hormones and stress-hormones – just like nature intended!

Some other simple steps we adopt along the way to bring you the safest milk are:

– Our in-house vets prefer homeopathic and Ayurvedic treatments over antibiotics

– If a cow needs antibiotic support, they are nursed back to health while quarantined and their milk isn’t a part of the supply pool until the antibiotics are completely flushed out of the cow’s system

– Our vets also conduct monthly preventive health check-ups for serious ailments like mastitis so that any concerns can be treated in the early stages itself

– We are the largest buyer of antibiotic test kits in the country! After milking, every batch of milk is tested for antibiotic residue at the farm and plant level, before it is given the green signal to make its way to your homes

At Akshayakalpa Organic, the health and care of our cows is our priority. We understand the purity and nutrition of our organic milk begins with the cows and follows through with every step after. By having control on the living environments of our cows, we ensure that the milk that reaches you has NO ANTIBIOTICS, NO INDUCED GROWTH HORMONES AND NO STRESS HORMONES.

You have trusted your family’s health with glasses of our organic milk and we strive every single day to deliver on that trust!