Artisanally Yours, Akshayakalpa.

Artisanally Yours, Akshayakalpa.

So many cheeses! Too many flavours! When the chefs of our home are busy rustling around, inventing and analysing so many new dishes in their laboratory of a kitchen, sometimes they do tend to overlook a block of cheese. Is it processed or artisanal? How much of a difference can it actually make? Well, trust me it’s a lot.

Indeed, processed cheese made sure huge chunks of the population get the cheese. It made the process easier. And indeed, it did hold you a little back from the flavourful experience. And maybe from your best health too!

Making cheese is an art. Of course, the machines and industries would do an impeccable job at it. But what about the art? If you haven’t tried the artisanal cheeses, you are missing out. And in fact, on a lot! You are missing out on the traditional craftsmanship that was handed down through ages, the intricacies of the flavour that would make every bite unforgettable and well, the goodness of nature.

Imagine taking a bite of the cheese made with fresh organic milk; cheeses birthed by traditional craftsmanship of skilled cheesemakers; cheeses that love your health as much as your family does. Well, you don’t have to, anymore. Here we are, with the Artisanal cheeses of Akshayakalpa. Living, breathing cheeses! We don’t process it and kill all the good bacteria.

Made from wholesome organic cow milk using traditional methods, Akshayakalpa organic cheeses don’t have emulsifiers or preservatives, just Organic Himalayan Pink Salt. And you know what? It takes around 3 months to make Akshayakalpa Cheeses. The cheese is first made using microbial rennet under certain conditions, no animal rennet is used. Then the freshly made cheese is pressed into blocks using weights.

These blocks are then aged in ripening rooms with a temperature of 15 degree C and 80% humidity. The blocks are turned and checked every day to ensure there are no molds growing on the cheeses. While other cheeses in the market are highly processed using industrial methods, we prefer to do it Artisanal.

Our artisanal cheesemaking process is quite extensive and resembles modern chemistry in many aspects. Starting from the milk quality, fat and protein content, cultures, microbial rennet, and the cheesemaking process including hygienic packaging conditions we blend a mixture of art and science, to offer you the best of cheeses that are available. “It’s so far one of the best cheeses I have tasted,” says cheese specialist Elisa Van Amburgh, when asked about Akshayakalpa cheeses.

You know what? A great amount of care goes in the way of ageing or ripening of the cheese to develop flavour and texture characteristics. With a little treat for your palates, we also bring you cheeses that take you out on a little adventure of Indian flavours: Mild, aged, pepper, chilli, smoked and mozzarella. From one cheese lover to another, I say this in confidence! It was love at first bite with Chilli Cheddar Cheese for me. Can you tell me yours?