What happens when a cow lives healthily?

What happens when a cow lives healthily?

Organic milk and dairy products are the outcomes at the end of a long process and food chain. One of the major factors for a cow to give authentic organic milk is determined by where she lives.   

Here’s what happens when she lives on a conventional dairy farm:  

  • Most of the time she is tied, even while eating and drinking water she has a rope leash around her neck which restricts her movement. This leads to a lot of stress in cows. And hence her body releases a hormone called the stress hormone. And hence resulting in stress hormones creeping into our milk. 
  • When you visit a cow shed on a conventional farm, the first thought that would cross your mind is why is this place so dirty? As cows are tied all the time, their place of rest and excretion unfortunately becomes the dirtily maintained cow shed. Hence, they have a good chance of catching a disease or becoming prey to an outbreak. Therefore, they have to be administered with antibiotics very often. And this is how antibiotics enter milk and hence our body causing a major issue called antibiotic resistance.  
  • In conventional dairy farms, cows are not happy as they are stressed all the time and live in a dirty environment. This affects the amount of milk a cow can produce. And hence dairy farmers administer cows to growth hormones to increase milk production. These growth hormones enter the milk cows produce and creep into our bodies. They have ill effects like pre-maturity in girls.  

Here’s what happens at Akshayakalapa farms:  

  • Cows are never tied. They roam in a stress-free environment and have access to ample food and water 24/7. They live with their buddies in our organic farm. Hence stress hormones don’t find a way to creep into your glass of milk.  
  • Akshayakalpa farmers consider their cows as an extended member of their families. They make sure to keep cows in clean paddocks in an organic farm, they are assigned personal doctors to take care of them and they even have a mattress to sleep on! In case our cows fall sick we mostly turn to ayurvedic treatment or homoeopathy treatment. But if it’s a critical issue and the cow has to be administered with antibiotics, we make sure to quarantine her and her milk doesn’t become a part of our organic milk pool. 
  • Conventional farmers believe that injecting growth hormones to cows increase the milk production. But this turns out to be a very painful process that cows undergo and also the milk produced by infected cows have traces of growth hormones. Akshayakalpa farmers don’t believe in inducing growth hormones. Our cows are happy, they live in clean padlocks, roam around, eat whenever they like and are never administered with any kind of growth hormones.  

At Akshayakalpa, we treat cows as an extended member of our family. We take measures for our cows to live healthily. Hence our organic milk and milk products are free from stress hormones, antibiotics and growth hormones.  

Come visit our farms and see for yourself how our cows live: 

Bangalore: https://akshayakalpa.org/farm-visit/ 

Chennai: https://akshayakalpa.org/farm-visit-chennai/