Organic Virgin coconut oil: Multipurpose marvel in a nutshell!

Organic Virgin coconut oil: Multipurpose marvel in a nutshell!

For the past few years, the global trend of ‘Superfoods’ has been on the rise. These are foods that are believed to be good for your overall well-being and linked to a multitude of health benefits. Virgin coconut oil has been on this elite list for a while now, however, the positive health benefits of this versatile oil have been known around the world for decades before that!

India is one of the largest consumers of coconut oil, second only to Europe. We are also one of the leading countries that produce coconut with close to 17.8 million hectares of land dedicated to coconut cultivation – that’s approximately four times the size of Goa! With so many users relying on this oil to meet their daily skin regimes, cooking needs and dietary supplements, it’s essential to understand what’s really going into the bottle.

The process of extraction of oils dates back to the Indus Valley Civilization. Instruments and methodology from then have been discovered and is slowly finding its way back to our manufacturing today in the form of ‘Cold-pressed oils’.

At Akshayakalpa Organic, our Virgin Coconut oil is sourced from trusted vendors who handpick healthy coconuts from certified organic farms in and around Tiptur. The fresh meat inside the coconuts is extracted through traditional methods of cold pressing and hand pressing, which helps to extract oils at room temperature. This further allows the oil to retain its natural aroma and fresh flavour. With this process, there is NO chemical refining, bleaching, or deodorizing which kills all the micronutrients in the oil involved. NO artificial added, no auxiliary processing or heat – thus, ensuring that all the natural goodness and the essence of the oil is preserved for you and your family!

Our Virgin Coconut is a versatile oil that has remarkable benefits for the mind, body and soul! It soothes your senses and is, like we at Akshayakalpa call it ” A Multipurpose Marvel”.