Nutrition Makes Nutrition!

Nutrition Makes Nutrition!

Indian mothers often rely on a glass of milk to make up for the nutrition deficiencies in their child’s diets. But what is one to do if the nutrition in the milk itself falls short?

Contrary to popular belief, cows cannot convert junk food diets into healthy, nutrient-rich milk. Studies show that deficiencies in cows revolve around micronutrients like calcium, sodium, phosphorous, etc., and Vitamin A, D, E, K, and B. These cannot be made by the body and food is the only way to get them. Then it is only fair to say:

Lesser nutrition in cow’s food = More deficiency in cows = Lesser nutrition in milk produced

While a healthy adult cow can consume 40Kgs of fodder every day, what remains to be seen is whether the fodder provides the necessary nutrition to produce healthy and nutrient-rich milk.

Vitality of the soil used to grow fodder is the primary factor that decides the nutrition the cow receives. At Akshayakalpa Organic, soil that is thriving and alive with billions of micro-organisms and is free of chemical residues from fertilizers and pesticides is used to grow healthy and nourishing fodder for our cows. The minerals and vitamins from the soil translate into a well-balanced diet which results in milk that is wholesome, high in nutrients, and full of natural goodness!

Akshyakalpa cows have their own dieticians! Menus are specially curated to include healthy foods like ragi, jowar, bajra with added elements like peanuts and jaggery bites. This promotes a balance of Vitamin A, K, E, and proteins while keeping the food tasty. Cows in different growth phases are fed an age-appropriate diet to meet all their nutritional needs.

Then it is only fair to say:

More nutrition in a cow’s diet = Healthy, happy cows = More nutrition in milk produced.