Let’s go ORGANIC – Debunking Top 5 organic food myths!

Let’s go ORGANIC – Debunking Top 5 organic food myths!

Organic food myths – Some call is a fad, some call it a saviour and some are just downright curious– but whichever bracket you might fall into, one thing for sure is that organic food is here to stay.

Stay with us, as we debunk organic food myths!

Organic food is food that is cultivated using organic farming practices and using only natural substances. It is food that is free from chemicals, ethically-produced and good for you and the planet. With an increased understanding of the benefits of adding organic to your diet and an easier access to organic fruits, vegetables and milk, there has been a boom in the number of conscious consumers who are choosing to make health a priority.

But alongside growing popularity, organic food and milk also enjoy their fair share of myths and queries. Here are some of the popular myths debunked to help you decide if switching to organic produce is the right choice for your family’s health.

MYTH 1: Organic foods may not be the healthier than conventional food.

FACT: Organic foods are produced without the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and other artificial chemicals. Organic milk and dairy come from cows feeding on organic fodder and living in stress-free environments who are never subjected to antibiotics or synthetic growth hormones. Organic farming methods focus on retaining the natural nutrition of the produce. Studies show that organic vegetables have significantly lower levels of toxins like cadmium and organic milk has higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids (1,2) – making it a healthier choice.

MYTH 2: Organic food is a marketing strategy. This is one organic food myth, that floats around memes and sometimes can creep into your Instagram feed. Debunking the reality!

FACT: Organic food is a return to tradition. While the concept of ‘organic’ might seem relatively new and popular today, it is a reflection of farming practices before the industrial revolution – that focused on nutrition rather than commercial gain. Food today is dominated by chemicals. Adopting an organic lifestyle not only positively impacts one’s health by shunning chemicals from our diet but helps keep chemicals out of our water, soils and air too.

MYTH 3: Organic foods do not cause allergies

FACT: Although organic food is safer due to lack of chemical residues, it still contains allergens just like non-organic food. Allergies that are caused due to food-related or inherent allergens will still be a cause of concern for individuals that suffer from them. For example: if one is allergic to peanuts, they will be allergic to both organic and conventionally-grown peanuts.

However, organic food can help keep allergies caused by chemicals and synthetic additives at bay since it is devoid of them. Organic milk is also a source of high-quality protein that your body needs to boost immunity. (3)

MYTH 4: Organic food is expensive

FACT: Organic farming practices take specific resources, are time-consuming and follow strict guidelines so that you get the best nutrition. To give organic farmers their due and maintain the quality of produce, the prices are higher than conventionally grown produce. However, non-organic foods often have hidden costs like the long term health costs due to consumption of pesticides and the cost to the environment.

The question then is – what is the price one can put on one’s good health?

MYTH 5: Organic food is only for ‘health freaks’

FACT: Organic food and milk is for everyone. Anyone who desires healthy food options and had concerns about the ill-effects of pesticides, hormones and antibiotics on their family’s health should switch to organic. Organic food keeps GMO’s, artificial ingredients and highly-processed food out of our diets. Choose organic to add naturally-occurring nutrition to your life every day.

While making the choice to switch to organic might seem like the right decision, it is equally important to be a smart consumer. When buying products labeled ‘organic’, check for compliance to the standards of APEDA and Jaivik Bharat – the governing bodies for organic food in India.

Akshayakalpa Organic is India’s first certified organic dairy enterprise that brings pure, fresh and unadulterated organic milk to your doorstep – making it easy to take the first step towards making an organic change in your lifestyle. Milk from happy, healthy cows living on our organic farms is free from antibiotics, synthetic hormones and chemical residues – making it perfect for your family’s health!



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