In the age of farm-to-table, farming is still not a viable business

In the age of farm-to-table, farming is still not a viable business

Farming is one of the oldest professions that mankind has seen. Roughly 12000 years ago farming was first practiced. From being the oldest profession to becoming the most ignored profession, farming has seen it all.

When you look at the bigger picture, you realize that the farming situation in our country is saddening. A study in 2019 revealed that every day 2000 farmers leave farming and migrate to cities to look for other options. As you dig in deep, you understand that it’s not the farmer who is the problem, it’s us.

Over the years, in the name of technology, farmers were bombarded with new types of equipment, pesticides, fertilizers and a lot of promises which screamed that farming can be viable. But unfortunately, even today from small issues to big issues, farmers have to deal with so many challenges on their own.

At Akshayakalpa organic, we see tremendous hope and know that the only way for any human to survive and do what they do to the fullest of their potential can only be possible with a healthy happy body.

We have been working towards making farming viable right from 2012. When a farmer becomes an Akshayakalpa farmer-entrepreneur, everything that can be controlled right from the smallest of small issues like proper electricity and water supply to bigger challenges like acquiring loans, a vet on call etc are taken care by our extension team while our farmers focus only on what they are good at – Farming.

Today, we are getting back farmers through reverse migration and our model farmers make an average of 1 lakh per month just through organic dairy farming.

We believe that only when we create wealth in the villages will the nation be healthy, wealthy and wise.

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