How sweet is too sweet? 5 practical ways to reduce sugar in your kid’s diet!

How sweet is too sweet? 5 practical ways to reduce sugar in your kid’s diet!

It’s true, we Indians love our sweets. Which probably explains the staggering amount of sugar we eat in a year!

As per a study conducted in 2020, the average Indian adult consumes 19.4 kgs of sugar every year and this translates to children in India consuming three times more sugar than they should. (1) (2)

The American Heart Association suggests that sugar intake for children above 2 years of age be limited to 25 grams (about 6 teaspoons) per day, while it should be completely avoided for children below 2 years.

As a parent struggling to balance taste and nutrition for your children, here’s how you can reduce the sugar in your kids’ diets:

1: Make labels your friends: Take the time to read labels of foods. Every 4 grams of sugar mentioned on a pack amounts to 1 teaspoon. This can help keep tabs on the consumption.

It is also worthwhile to explore options for foods for children that have no added sugar. Akshayakalpa Organic range of Greek Yogurts is crafted from 100% organic milk and without the addition of any artificial sweeteners, flavours or sugar – making it a great option for children.

2. Say bye, bye to processed foods: Contrary to popular belief, packed juices and health drinks are not the best options for your children. Keep an eye out for hidden sugar names like fruit juice concentrate, corn syrup, fructose, maltose or caramel and stay clear of foods that mention these.

Instead, replace processed foods with all-natural options. Akshayakalpa Organic Greek Yogurt is made without the use of emulsifiers, thickeners or preservatives, so that the goodness of organic milk stays intact.

3. Listen to your children: Rather, understand your children’s hunger patterns. There is no hard and fast rule for how kids should eat, as long as their nutritional needs are met

Akshayakalpa Organic Greek Yogurt is power-packed with high quality natural protein that works as a snack or as a part of meals for both children and adults. Protein keeps you fuller for longer and keeps cravings at bay.

4. Redirect the focus: Instead of using food as a reward, set up non-edible prizes to celebrate children’s victories and progresses. Gold stars, extra TV time or small gifts like crayons, colouring books and toys can go a long way in making your kids feel special.

5. A little sweet hurt nobody: While the occasional indulgence is not only good but necessary, find alternatives to satiate sweet cravings in a healthy way. Keep them at hand so you’re not caught off guard when the longing strikes.

Akshayakalpa Organic Mango Greek Yogurt makes for a great dessert option! With the goodness of organic milk and mangoes, it is mildly sweetened with Akshayakalpa Multifloral Honey – making it the perfect, healthy way to satisfy your sweet tooth.

As parents, we should help our children build a positive relationship with food. Habits cultivated in childhood translate into better health and habits as they grow older too. Set up routines or cook together to make your children fall in love with healthy food forever!

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