Choose a slice of good health: Organic bread vs regular bread!

Choose a slice of good health: Organic bread vs regular bread!

From ‘Breaking bread together’ to ‘buttering your bread on both sides’, idioms revolving around this dietary staple are aplenty! Having been around since 8000 BC, bread still tops the list of one of the much-loved foods today.

Over the years, just like most other foods, bread too has undergone a makeover. By the 20th century, bread made its way from small home-bakeries to mass-market factories and became softer, with a longer shelf-life to meet the growing demand. This was done primarily by discarding the bran and wheatgerm from the flour.

In recent times, however, as we became more conscious about the nutrition in the food we ate, it was brought to light that while removing bran and wheatgerm can help improve the longevity of the bread, it removes nutrients like dietary fiber, iron, Vitamin B and essential fatty acids too. Thus, bringing the spotlight back on whole-wheat bread that is made from flour milled from whole grains.

When the ingredients used to craft bread are organic, the resulting bread is known as ‘Organic bread’. This means that the grains used in the flour are grown as per organic farming practices, without the use of chemical pesticides or fertilizers. Furthermore, it shouldn’t contain any artificial additives, emulsifiers, dough conditioners or preservatives to qualify as truly organic.

So, what makes organic whole-wheat bread the better bread?

Better nutrition package: Refining grains reduces the nutrition in the flour by almost 75%. Because organic bread is made with flour from whole grains, it has better fiber, vitamins and minerals than regular bread made with processed flour.

Naturally tasty: Because organic breads do not undergo extensive manufacturing processes, they retain their original aroma, texture and taste

Good for the gut: Since there are no additives in organic bread, they do not harm the gut-friendly bacteria present in the bread, making it easier to digest

Strictly Non-GMO: The grains in organic bread are grown as per organic farming practices, keeping GMO crops out of your diet

When it comes to the different types of bread, fresh organic type is the best. Akshayakalpa Organic Whole wheat breads are made from whole-wheat flour and without the use of Maida (all-purpose flour) or dough conditioners, emulsifiers, rising agents or preservatives. They are handcrafted by expert bakers, in small batches, who carefully measure ingredients, double-proof the dough and bake it to golden perfection before it is delivered fresh to your doorstep every morning.

Like they say, life is better with a loaf of freshly baked bread. Get yours today!