Choosing right: Organic milk – Is it really a healthier choice?

Choosing right: Organic milk – Is it really a healthier choice?

In the truest sense of the word, ‘Organic’ means ‘derived from living matter’. And although the dictionary denotes organic food as ‘food produced without the use of chemicals and artificial fertilizers’, it is the former definition that captures the essence of the word perfectly!

Recent times talk about the benefits of organic for the body and the planet but it is often hard to differentiate trends and fads from actual facts. So what makes organic milk the healthier choice?

Studies show that organic cow’s milk has almost 50% higher concentration of vitamin E, iron and Omega-3 fatty acids among other macro and micro nutrients when compared to conventional milk. (1) Organic dairy farming practices and diet of the cows are two main factors that positively impact the benefits of organic dairy.

Chemical-free soil that is thriving and alive is used to grow nutritious organic fodder for our cows on the Akshayakalpa farms. Happy, healthy cows living in stress-free environments result in organic milk that is free from antibiotics, synthetic hormones and chemical residues and is full of naturally-occurring, life-giving nutrients to keep us well and healthy.

Due to the hygienic living conditions of the cows and the careful milking and handling process, organic milk has a lower bacterial load. It is also free from any additives, thickeners or emulsifiers that could expedite spoilage – giving it a naturally longer shelf life. However, because organic milk is not processed, it is best kept under refrigeration.

Apart from being power-packed with goodness, organic milk and dairy also bring with it a horde of other benefits – both for the consumers and the planet. By shunning use of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, organic farming practices not only retain the natural nutrients in the milk, they also keep chemicals out of our air and water. Organic farms are home to a variety of flora and fauna that live in tandem with each other. Through the medium of organic milk and dairy, farmers also have access to a steady and reliable income, giving them a stable, quality life. Organic milk is wholesome all-around!

But despite being privy to all these facts, if one asks why organic milk is more expensive, then one is asking the wrong question. Organic milk and other produce is ‘grown by nature’ to harness its best potential for nutrition – and that’s something you cannot put a price on!