Hello Sunshine – Freshest coconuts are yours for the picking!

Hello Sunshine – Freshest coconuts are yours for the picking!

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any hotter, another day dawns! Sweltering in heat and awash with sweat, you’re going about your day – trying to keep your energy up, fighting off the light-headedness and looking forward to the cool respite of the evening or the air-conditioning. But alas, it is not to be….

Sounds familiar?

Worry not! You too can beat the heat and stay refreshed this summer.

Mother Nature’s natural refresher, tender coconuts are a perfect way to keep yourself hydrated, restore your lost electrolytes and stay cool from within this summer. Packed with naturally-occurring nutrients, a tender coconut a day will surely help keep the summer blues away!

Let’s help you choose the best coconuts!

The secret to the nutrition and hydration of tender coconut lies in the water and to get the best out of your tender coconut, it should be consumed fresh. Oftentimes in conventional coconut farms, use a chemicals like Sulphate on coconuts to artificially prolong their ‘freshness’. While this might increase their lifespan, it has an adverse effect on its nutrition.

Akshayakalpa Organic Tender coconuts are grown on organic farms in the ‘Sweet coconut belt’ of Southern India. These coconuts are grown on chemical-free soils and without the use of any synthetic fertilizers or pesticides.

When ready to be harvested, they are carefully handpicked by our farmers and delivered to your doorstep – straight from our farms. Their intact crows are a mark of purity, freshness and untampered nutrition – so you can enjoy the best of organic tender coconut water in every sip.

Here’s why coconuts can be your best friend in the summer!

1) An all-in-one package of hydration and nutrition: Not only are tender coconuts a great way to give your body the hydration it needs, they are also full of naturally-occurring essential nutrients.

2) Happy gut = happy you: In summer months, tender coconut water is beneficial in keeping your stomach cool, your metabolism high and your gut healthy

3) A much-needed energy boost: Because tender coconut water is high in vitamins, minerals and electrolytes, it helps replenish the electrolytes lost in the body, making you feel more energetic

4) It’s all natural here: While artificially-sweetened energy drinks and cold drinks might lure you with the promise of instant energy boosts, studies show that their high sugar content can leave you feeling more dehydrated.

To beat the summer heat and revitalize yourself in these warm months, order for doorstep delivery of Akshayakalpa Organic Tender coconuts today!